Huub Niessen

Huub Niessen (1943) is a self- taught artist and has independently developed a highly personal style of drawing using a 0.1 mm pen. His drawings are unmistakably unique and his work can currently be found in a huge number of museum collections all over the world.

Niessen expresses both psychological and social issues that not only have affected his life in Holland but transcend universally and globally and affect us all.

In his own words he says of his life; ‘I am not educated as an artist…I have been a journalist for about twenty-five years, but, unfortunately, when I was about 45 years old, I suffered from deep depressions, that took about ten years of my life. In my drawings I try to explain what is/was deep inside of me. It’s a way of expression and communication. I feel like I can express myself even more in my drawings, it goes beyond the possibilities of communication in my daily life.’

After this dark period in my life, I started studying Arabic and began to draw more intensely than before. By the end of the sixties, I had exhibitions in well-known galleries in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

Huub’s dark, haunting, and intense work can currently be found in a huge number of museum collections all over the world, including: The Guislain Museum in Belgium, Musee de la Creation Franche in France and the Outsider-Bildwelten by Sammlung Demirel in Germany. Niessen has also given one-man exhibitions in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and London.

© Huub Niessen
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